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Article in PDF format: You’ll pay the price for medical non disclosure

Some medical schemes strictly apply the law and terminate the membership of people who failed to provide important information about their healthcare history.

Failing to disclose your medical history accurately on a medical scheme membership application form can have severe financial consequences or even become a matter of life and death, more and more medical scheme members are finding.

Medical schemes are entitled, in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, to terminate your membership and that of any of your dependants if you fail to disclose on your medical scheme application form “material information” about your medical history or that of your dependants.

The aim of allowing schemes to terminate your Read more

Article in PDF format: Should mandatory membership of medical schemes be reintroduced

1 August 2012

The medical aid industry in South Africa is losing R13.5 billion each year due to the anti-selection pressures imposed on the industry because healthcare cover is not mandatory.

This is the view of Barry Childs, CEO of Lighthouse Actuarial Consulting and CareGuage. His opinion is based on a detailed comparison between open and restricted schemes over the past 11 years.

Childs was speaking on the second day of the Board of Healthcare Funders’ (BHF) Southern African conference, currently underway at the Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg.

According to Childs, mandatory membership would also mean that medical scheme contributions would be an average of 14% lower across Read more

Article in PDF format: A broker can help,but check before you sign

The Council for Medical Schemes has made it clear that you, and not your healthcare broker, are responsible for the information about your medical history that is disclosed on your membership application form.

August 9, 2008

By Laura du Preez


Don’t rely on a broker to supply your medical scheme with accurate details of your medical history. Schemes have the right to terminate your membership for non-disclosure even when a broker has misinformed you about what to fill in or has failed to declare something you told him or her.

A qualified and trustworthy healthcare broker can be a big help in guiding you through the process of finding a suitable Read more

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