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About Calreg

Calreg is an Authorised Financial Services Provider.


Calreg is not affiliated to any insurer. This independence allows you access to a range of options, unbiased assessment of your portfolio, combined with products selected from a variety of providers which best meet your needs at the time. Ensuring the most effective cover at the best price


Financial planning is what we do; be it Assurance, Investments, Insurance and Medical Aid. Sound planning is needed to protect you and those close to you from the inevitable challenges that life throws our way. That cover should include your Medical Aid, Personal Effects, Investments and Life Cover for you and your family.

It is, therefore, important that you have the utmost confidence in your financial advisor. Calreg, headed up by David Counihan. Mr Counihan has been in the industry since 2000, initially as an independent broker; then as the Regional Manager for a Product Provider. He started Calreg in 2006 to better meet the needs of people like you.

Calreg chose external governance, to ensure that Calreg’s advice service and support are above industry benchmarks. Supporting us is a national specialist strategic supplier – the Masthead Financial Advisors Association, who provides external oversight to business practices and legal compliance, ensuring we are working in your best interests. Subscription to Masthead costs Calreg and is voluntary; thus it demonstrates our commitment to provide superior service and advice. We strive to go beyond legal requirements in disclosure and information provided.

The combination is proving to be a winning formula for clients. We believe in assessing our client’s full portfolio – including medical, life, business and short term insurance. Our research and systems make it possible to compare the many options available in the market-place and to tailor a portfolio for you.

Most importantly, we go into the fine print. Many people do not realize just how much their policy excludes. This only comes to light when they try to claim. As your broker, we would of course also act on your behalf in the case of a claim