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In an attempt to be fair and transparent I feel that you must know what products and services I am licensed to provide, I would like to bring the following information to your attention:

My name is Dave Counihan and my contact details are stated above on this letterhead.

All information obtained or acquired about you shall remain confidential unless you provide written consent, or unless I am required by any law to disclose such information.

I am an authorised financial services provider, which accepts responsibility for my activities and am licensed to render financial services. A copy of the licence, which contains details of the financial services I am authorised to provide, as well as any exemptions, is available for inspection on request.

I have been providing financial advice and intermediary services since 2000 and authorised in the following areas of financial planning: 

Category 1

1.1 Long-Term Insurance: Category A                                                                     (Funeral policies)

1.2 Short-Term Insurance: Personal Lines                                                          (Domestic short term Insurance)

1.3 Long-Term Insurance: Category B                                                                     (Endowments & savings via LISP’s)

1.4 Long-Term Insurance: Category C                                                                     (Risk Policies – death, disability, dreaded disease, etc)

1.5 Retail Pension Benefits                                                                                                 (Retirement Annuities)

1.6 Short-Term Insurance: Commercial Lines                                                   (Commercial short term)

1.7 Pension Fund Benefits (excluding Retail Pension Benefits)              (Provident & pension funds)

1.16 Health Service Benefits                                                                                               (Medical Aids)

Calreg has written authority to market the products as per the table below

Calreg does do not hold more than 10% of the shares issued by any product supplier. I am remunerated for my services by being paid commission from the product supplier and by charging fees.

I hold professional indemnity insurance, guarantees or fidelity insurance.

Compliance with the FAIS Act is monitored by Masthead Distribution Services (Pty) Ltd, a compliance practice approved by the Financial Services Board. Their postal address is PO Box 856, Howard Place, 7450. Their contact numbers are 021 686 3588(t) and 021 686 3589(f)

Calreg’s membership of Masthead Financial Advisors Association ensures that Calreg is at the forefront with Clear, Independent & Unbiased Advise Masthead’s membership ensures that I maintain the highest industry standards and is kept abreast of industry developments. Masthead’s monthly subscription fee ensures Calreg’s compliance & practice management combined with technology support are the latest and amongst the best.

This support helps me to provide you with a more professional service. The compliance service ensures that my business remains fully compliant with FAIS legislative requirements and therefore that you, as client, receive sound financial advice. Through the practice management support, I am able to run a more professional business and therefore I am able to provide you with an improved service and enhanced support.

I may from time to time receive non-cash incentives from product suppliers or indirect consideration from other persons. A register with details of such non-cash incentives or indirect consideration as well as my Conflict of Interest Policy is available on request.

In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of my service, you should address your complaint in writing to me at the above address. A copy of my Complaints Resolution Policy is available on request.


Life Insurers

Medical Aids

Short Term Insurers

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Discovery Sanlam Bonitas Medshield Sizwe Auto & General One Card Tuffstuff
Liberty Discovery Pharos Spectramed Chartis Regent Turnberry
Metropolitan Fedhealth Profmed Topmed Hollard Resolution Unity
Old Mutual Liberty Resolution Mutual & Federal Santam